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Introducing: Clir Capital, LLC - A new boutique investment banking firm

Mon Aug 24 2020 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

International Assets Advisory (“IAA”) is pleased to introduce Clir Capital, LLC, a new boutique investment banking firm specializing in non-accredited offerings. Clir (pronounced “clear”) Capital specializes in the conceptualization, design and distribution of non-correlated investments to Broker/Dealers (“BDs”) and Registered Investment Advisors (“RIAs”). It partners with institutional asset managers, advising them through the process of diversifying their sources of capital, structuring investment offerings, and marketing them into the independent BD and RIA channels. Founded by former members of Evolv Capital, LLC, Clir Capital uses its wealth of experience and knowledge to use innovative and creative investment structures to assist its clients in achieving their goals while prioritizing product marketability in today's environment.

Nate Romero, Executive Director of Clir Capital said:
We’re looking forward to this new chapter for our team. Moving forward we want to establish ourselves as the go-to name for the design and distribution of senior, non-accredited offerings with a finite lifespan. By appealing to a wider segment of the investing public we feel we can provide our institutional sponsors a more broad-based funding source. This, combined with the focus on seniority and a defined investment time-frame, should lead to a compressed and streamlined fund raising cycle.
IAA has been a great partner to us and we’re thrilled to bring our company into this new era with them at our side. As the trailblazer in the non-traded preferred stock offering landscape, there is no Managing BD with more experience in our area of focus.

With over 150 years of combined financial services experience, the Clir Capital team includes seasoned and skilled professionals: Executive Director Nathan Romero; Managing Directors Steven “Henri” Henriksen and Jeffrey Stone; Directors J.T. Carey, Thomas Purpura, and David “Gunns” Gunnels.

About IAA:
IAA, founded in 1982, is a privately held Broker-Dealer registered with the SEC and FINRA for over 30 years. At IAA our vision is to excel as a relationship-driven, full service, independent financial services platform. As specialists in world financial markets, we enable investors to capitalize on a wide array of investment opportunities around the globe, including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, insurance, annuities, and sophisticated retirement and estate planning services. The vision of our firm, since its very inception in the early 1980s, has been to take an investment approach that is not limited by frontiers. Opportunity abounds across the globe, not merely in our backyard. As a complementary approach, we also offer sophisticated retirement and estate planning services. Our objective in terms of our relationship with our clients is to provide a "holistic" methodology, one that does not look at investment portfolios or strategies in isolation. We seek to understand how our clients live in order to provide recommendations that make sense, not merely in the more limited terms of their financial lives, but more importantly in the wider context of their family, occupation, goals and dreams. IAA is headquartered out of Orlando, FL, but has independent advisors and branch offices throughout the United States. Further information is available at

Nate Romero

Securities offered through International Assets Advisory, LLC – Member FINRA/SIPC. IAA is not affiliated with Clir Capital, LLC.

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