Lighthouse Life Beacon Bonds are a fixed income debt investment in Lighthouse Life Capital, LLC. Beacon Bonds provide investors an opportunity to participate in the life settlement asset class through the Lighthouse Life’s strategy of sourcing policies and generating fees as well as profits from the resale of the policies to third-party purchasers. Proceeds from the Beacon Bonds will be used to expand Lighthouse Life’s business through increased networking, marketing and advertising of its life settlement services and to purchase policies that can subsequently be resold, potentially generating revenue in weeks and months, not years, and mitigating the risks related to the construction and maintenance of a portfolio of policies typically associated with life settlements.



An investment in the Bonds of Lighthouse Life Capital, LLC is considered speculative. There are no guarantees of distributions or returns, and an investor may lose all or part of their investment. There are various risks related to an investment in the Bonds which are described in the respective investor offering circular.


The material herein does not constitute an offer to sell nor is it a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security. Offers will only be made through an offering circular and where permitted by law. Investments in any security are not suitable for all investors. Investments in securities involve a high degree of risk and should only be considered by investors who can withstand the loss of their investment. Prospective investors should carefully review the “Risk Factors” section of the offering circular which is filed with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission ( Investors should perform their own investigations before considering any investment and consult with their own legal and tax advisors.